Saturday, April 30, 2005


你們看到的San Wen Ji 並不是新會員啊!是誰?你們可以想想,可不要說出答案來,否則我也不需要改名字。


Thursday, April 28, 2005


The other day I went to the bank of China and a counter clerk was there. He did everything quickly and accurately right after I told him what I want and I noticed he's only a trainee -- suggested by the nameplate he wore.

So I felt grateful for him for being so professional as a greenhand and decided to encourage him by a "thank you" and a smile or maybe a "Have a nice day!" in addition.

But as soon as he finished doing all the things, meanwhile I was just about to say the words to him, he turned away from the counter and press the button to notice next customer. During the whole period from the moment I said Hi till he turned away I was just standing there looking at him with a smile on my face. And when he was finishing, I was there ready for the "thank you", yet he just didn't look at me at all and also was wearing a "King face" like the King in playing cards.

I stood there for maybe 4 or 5 seconds and went away, without "thank you".

The feeling was: he didn't need the "thank you" from a customer and he didn't want to spend any more time on a customer he's finished serving.


It is quite different from what I experience in other places.

In HK, in Saipan, in US, when I finish at store or post office or banks, the clerks or shop girls all say to me "Have a nice day!" naturally. Or at least they smile to me -- even I already finish. And it seems to be their habit -- sometimes I wonder if they noticed themselves had said that. :)

So why seldom do I see smiling clerks in Shanghai? Going to big store like Parkson on Huaihai street or the Pacific Department Store, they don't smile to you spontaneously. Instead there are numb faces and tired ones with a man-made smile everywhere. Smile becomes so unusual that once I see a smiling face, I value that shop highly!


But on the other hand, I remember clearly one thing when I was in a buffet in US.

Everyone get their own fork, spoon, tissue and soft drink at the entrance from the resterant's employees. There were 8 of them, the employees, all African American seemed so exhausted. They had no expression at all and just ask everyone "What drink do you want?" like a machine. When the man asked me, I said hot tea. When he gave it to me, I said thank you with a big smile on my own face. I looked at him happily and said the "thank you" from bottom of my heart. And as he saw that, he returned me an understanding smile. Then he went back to his work, without expression again.

So what I'm thinking now is.. maybe the boy at Bank of China didn't smile just because he's not used to it. Not he didn't want to provide smiling service -- just people in Shanghai smile to each other quite unfrequently, in general.

When nobody smile to you during a long time, you will forget to smile to others. And those who don't smile won't get smile in return. :P

That might also be the reason why we see Chinese people always talk with westerners with smile. We smile to foreigners more than we do to our own fellowmen! Is that because westerners tend to smile frequently than we do? Very likely. ^^


I hope I will smile to people I meet everyday -- though it won't be easy. Sometimes I feel like being stupid, standing there smiling to someone who doesn't / won't smile back. What's worse is people might think I am really a stupid, smiling everywhere.

Well, but it's good. :) It seems silly but it's good. And it IS NOT silly, in fact.

em~ I'm going to smile more often. And hopefully people will smile to me someday~

How about you my friend? ;)

Sunday, April 17, 2005


Kid + Adult = Kidult。長不大的孩子、童心未泯、返老還童,這些都是在形容Kidult能以大人之軀盛載小孩之心。如何辨認Kidult?年齡超過廿五歲,生活態 度、行為方式、個人喜好卻還停留在0-12歲之齡。普遍有一定的購買力,以購買來補償童年的缺失。Kidult買小童買不起的限量版復刻版玩具模型,不喜 歡套裝西裝卻會穿得似娃娃並以「潮」來做掩護,會細閱每週各大小雜誌,工作上不願承擔太多管理層更免問,期望有朋友但只想被朋友錫,做人就是要遊樂喪玩。 作為一個Kidult,最好的生活就是自由自在率性而行。Kidult討厭做大人,不願做大人,怕做大人。最家傳戶曉的Kidult,就是長不大的 peter pan。


Thursday, April 14, 2005










據 說題目的那句話是出自董橋《中年是下午茶》一文。我讀過少許董橋,卻沒有印象讀過這篇。我不知道試題有沒有提供出處這個資料,如果純粹只列出以上問題,沒 有提供作者和文章名稱,那問題倒確是有點令人摸著不頭腦的。據說花了很多時間心機準備考試的考生聽到這條「無厘頭」題目,都不禁破口大罵,謂考試局突然改 變出題性質,拿考生作「啟發為本」教學的白老鼠。正如我老大也問,考試局這樣做是不是「做得太盡」






Sunday, April 10, 2005





Friday, April 01, 2005


但昨天晚上夢見,明報週刊內的專欄有了MORE THEN ONE的一欄,並介紹指MORE THEN ONE乃係一個由多位博客組成的文字個體戶。明報將於每週轉載當週最值得推介的一篇。

如果係真,唔知有冇稿費? 歸當篇作者所有?還是所有MTO的會員均可瓜分(嘩,我就想!)?